Sunday, November 18, 2007


Before people get mad, let me start out by saying that "Superbad" was a good movie. That being said, obviously I did not think it was as good as everyone I know was saying it was. Most of my friends and acquaintances have absolutely loved "40 Year Old Virgin" and "Knocked Up" while I enjoyed them but was not that impressed by them. So going in I had low expectations for my own enjoyment. I thought the crudeness and vulgarity was toned down compared to the other two recent Apatow movies which was a positive for me. I find that the vulgar aspects of 'Virgin' and 'Knocked' took away from the comedy of them both. The fact that the characters are in high school probably had a lot to do with this. I found it interesting that the two girls they casted for the romantic leads were not surprisingly hot. Seeing as the two guys were nerds and ugly this made it more believable than those movies that have extremely hot girls getting with losers.

Favorite characters

1. Officer Michaels- Seth Rogan
This performance was right up there with his part in 'You, Me and Dupree' if not better. I really liked him here where as I disliked his character in 'Virgin' and could've taken him or leaved him in 'Knocked'

2. Officer Slater- Bill Hader
Very close 1, 2 on this one. I've enjoyed Hader on SNL at some points but I haven't seen him this funny very often (except for maybe in Laser Cats). He should think about doing more movies.

3. Seth- Jonah Hill
Being in both 'Virgin' and 'Knocked' I was glad to see him getting a starring role. I thought he was very good and can't wait to see what he does next.

4. Evan- Michael Cera
Didn't enjoy this kid very much. Yeah he was real awkward but I wanted him to shut it most of the time.

5. Fogell (McLovin)- Christopher Mintz-Plasse
Couldn't stand this kid. Every second he was in I wanted to slap him in the face. I know you need a real loser to play this part but I think they could've found something more manageable.

Judd Apatow Produced Movies

1. Celtic Pride (right)
2. Talladega Nights
3. Anchorman
4. Kicking and Screaming
5. Heavy Weights
6. Cable Guy
7. Superbad
8. Knocked Up
9. 40 Year Old Virgin


Andy McKenzie said...

What's your rating out of 10?

And my favorite Apatow movies (I have not seen as many as you):

1) Anchorman
2) 40 Year Old Virgin
3) Superbad
4) Knocked Up
5) Taladega Nights
6) Kicking and Screaming
7) Cable Guy (honestly haven't seen this in forever)


1) Officer Slater, Bill Hader
2) Janitor in liquor store
3) Officer Michaels, Seth Rogan
4) Jonah Hill
5) Michael Cera

I'm not kidding about janitor either. I remember that the "i hate my life" line had the whole crowd going.

Danny said...

i'm with you on the janitor, but i didn't feel that his time on screen deserved a ranking

Rob Dauster said...

im with you that virgin and knocked up were not as good as advertised, but superbad was incredible dude. there were so many scenes that were ridiculous, and hilarious i.e. the scene where fogel comes back with the id, or when seth is talking to his baking teacher, or the scene with mclovin and the two cops in the bar. i dunno, i just loved it.