Tuesday, November 6, 2007


T-time is my older brother and I'm sure many of my readers know or have heard of him. Of his many talents, my favorite is his ability to make ridiculous predictions about Heroes. Last year he predicted that Mr. Bennett's first name was Noah around four eps into the season. When Bennett said "Call me Noah" in the season finale I almost flipped my lid. Knowing how incredible that was I shouldn't have been so surprised when it happened again last night. A couple weeks ago T-time told me that this mysterious Adam Monroe character was going to be Takezo Kensai. He said that once the eclipse hit, it wasn't only that Kensai couldn't be wounded or killed, but he also didn't age. It all goes back to his original biblical theory where Noah was gathering heroes like on Noah's ark. In this case Adam was the first hero, just as Adam was the first man. All in all, unbelievable prediction per the usual for T-time.

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