Saturday, November 3, 2007

Boston Sports

So the Juice Box guy started his own blog recently, and his first major post was about how sad he was that all of his favorite Boston sports teams were doing so well. While I can understand what he is getting at, when your teams are bad you get to complain all the time. People in general love to complain so I can see how this was enjoyable. But the fact that this may be how a majority of New Englanders may be feeling is just sad.

Growing up in Connecticut, Mass, and Maine having a strong hate for the Celtics, Red Sox and Patriots doesn't always go over so well. My pops, Big Tom, has a New York affiliation so it was hard to like these Boston based teams. I enjoyed my early childhood of the celtics being God awful, mediocre Patriots and Red Sox always losing out to the Yanks. Now when the Pats started to get championships, no doubt when Belichek started his unbelievable cheating style, my hate grew much larger. This is when I started to hate everyone on the teams of the Pats, Sox and Celts. When the Sox finally beat the Yanks and ended up World Series champs I knew it was all over. Things would never be the same. This is the point when I would start to love players that had left the Boston teams (Antoine Walker, Johnny Damon, Deion Branch). Now that the Celtics seem to be destined to be great, for a couple of years at least, I am sad that I won't be able to show the same hatred for them as I always have. When your favorite player in the league (KG) and another dude that you love (Ray Ray) end up on a team, it is hard to keep that same hatred.

All in all, I am still very sad that the Sox won the world series, more than wanting my favorite football team to win the super bowl, i want the Pats to lose, but I won't be angry at all if KG and Ray get their championship they both deserve in this awful city of Boston.


Andy McKenzie said...

well, i agree with you about the celtics but i disagree about how you get there. i don't hate teams from a specific area, i just hate teams in general. just because i hate the yankees doesn't mean i hate the knicks. i think the knicks are pretty funny.

Brian Butterworth said...

Danny, I am not sad about boston sports in general...i love it right now the point i was tryin to get at was that while individually i enjoy the success the comraderie that was once boston sports is no longer the same...and while i respect ur view of the celtics be carefull of becoming just like red sox fans used to be rooting for other teams to lose not just yours to win...its a slippery sloap that leaves you bitter and unsatisfied...especially when your rooting against boston sports over the next 5 years