Monday, November 19, 2007

Bee Movie

Just finished watching this movie and I have to say Seinfeld was just not up to his old sitcom standards. It was a pleasant movie but had nothing special. It was extremely poor given the amount of big name voices they grabbed for this picture. First of all this was Seinfeld's big comeback party. You have Renee Zellweger playing his romantic lead. Then you have quality voice actors that have been in major successful animated pictures with Patrick Warburton (Emperor's New Groove, Hoodwinked, Open Season) and John Goodman (Cars, Emperor's New Groove, Monster's Inc.). Add to the mix two of the most recognizable voices with Chris Rock (Madagascar) and Rip Torn (Hercules). All of that being said I was certainly not blown away. I will say it again as I've said before, Dreamworks can't write the kind of story that Disney/Pixar does. At no point did they have the magic in this one. They tried to go with the Shrek-like comedy but it didn't stick with me like Shrek did when it first came out. Instead of making fun of fairy tales they simply made fun of people in general. The major flaw of this story about bees is that it is not in the classic Pixar style. When Berry Benson first talks to a human they completely lost me. In Toy Story, Monster's Inc., Finding Nemo and A Bug's Life all of the action could actually be happening and we would have no idea, because when humans come around they act like normal toys, fish and bugs, but behind the scenes there is so much going on. That's is what makes it so intriguing and magical. Bees engaging with humans just doesn't do it for me.

Dreamworks Animation Movies

1. Shrek
2. Shrek 2
3. Bee Movie
4. Over the Hedge
5. Madagascar
(haven't seen Shrek the Third yet)


joe said...

I havent seen over the hedge or bee movie yet, but I am sure Madagascar deserves to be higher than 5 on this list. It was definitely one of my favorite animated movies of all time (the penguins, the LEMURS, even the chimpanzees). In matters of opinion there can be no argument, but its a shame Madagascar is on the bottom of any list.

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