Thursday, December 13, 2007

Top 50 TV Characters

50. Robert McCallister- Brothers and Sisters (above)
49. Dr. Christopher Turk- Scrubs
48. Russell- Rules of Engagement
47. Samantha Marquez- Las Vegas
46. Brian Darling- Dirty, Sexy, Money
45. The Haitian- Heroes (right)
44. Dr. Alex Karev- Grey's Anatomy
43. Morgan Grimes- Chuck
42. Frank Rossitano- 30 Rock
41. Kevin Malone- The Office (below)

40. Hugo 'Hurley' Reyes- Lost
39. Marsh McGinley- Back to You
38. Cappie- Greek
37. Chloe O'Brian- 24
36. Alex Vega- Cane
35. Randy Hickey- My Name Is Earl (right)
34. Jim Halpert- The Office
33. Peter Petrelli- Heroes
32. Dan Vasser- Journeyman
31. Liz Lemon- 30 Rock (below)

30. Captain Awesome- Chuck
29. Dr. Kutner- House, M.D.
28. Chuck Darling- Back to You
27. Earl Hickey- My Name Is Earl
26. Andy Bernard- The Office
25. Matt Saracen- Friday Night Lights (right)
24. Bill Buchannon- 24
23. Gabriel Sylar- Heroes
22. Jeff- Rules of Engagement
21. Ari Gold- Entourage (below)

20. John Locke- Lost
19. Tim Riggins- Friday Night Lights
18. Dr. Derek Shephard- Grey's Anatomy
17. Jack Bauer- 24 (right)
16. Hiro Nakamura- Heroes
15. Michael Scott- The Office
14. Dr. Gregory House- House, M.D.
13. Johnny 'Drama' Chase- Entourage
12. Larry David- Curb Your Enthusiasm
11. Chuck Bartkowski- Chuck (below)

10. Creed Bratton- The Office
9. Noah Bennett- Heroes
8. Nathan Petrelli- Heroes
7. Jack Donaghy- 30 Rock
6. Mike Cannon- Las Vegas
5. Dr. Mark Sloan- Grey's Anatomy (right)
4. Dwight Schrute- The Office
3. Tracy Jordan- 30 Rock
2. James 'Sawyer' Ford- Lost
1. Danny McCoy- Las Vegas (below)


Andy McKenzie said...

haha i think my favorite part about your blog is your unabashed borderline sexism with your character rankings. can't blame you though, my rankings would be similar although claire from lost would probably be #1.

Danny said...

hey three women got on there, and there were a couple more that were close. that's a big accomplishment, cause they really aren't that sweet.

Rob Dauster said...

i feel like an explanation for at least the top ten is necessary.