Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I'm Not There

I'm not there is an interesting biography of Bod Dylan's life portrayed through six different characters. The first aspect of Dylan's life is shown through the character "Woody Guthrie." Woody is a young boy who is in and out of different situations, telling plenty of lies, and trying to find himself. The next Dylan is "Jack Rollins." This is Dylan's early folk stage when he gains all of his fans and records his early records. Now woven in between folk Dylan and Rock 'n Roll Dylan is Family Man Dylan. "Robbie Clark" is an actor who meets a girl and falls in love only to have his marriage come crumbling down during the peak of the Vietnam War. "Jude Quinn" is Dylan once he goes electric. This portrayal is almost spot on with the clips you see in the "No Direction Home" documentary. After Rock 'n Roll Dylan breaks down both physically and mentally we meet Outlaw Dylan. "Billy the Kid" shows how Dylan felt after he stopped touring in the late sixties, as an outlaw. Throughout the film, the sixth Dylan, "Arthur Rimbaud," is brought back answering questions in a cynical fashion. Although sometimes confusing to me, it was a very enjoyable watch for a Dylan fan. I wish only that I enjoyed Rock 'n Roll Dylan more because I loved that part of "No Direction Home."

Favorite Dylans

1. Jack Rollins (Folk Dylan)- Christian Bale
Christian never ceases to amaze me. He is without a doubt the best voice actor I have ever seen. He uses a completely different accent in every movie he does and it is breathtaking. I kind of wish he could have been Dylan throughout the entire film.

2. Robbie Clark (Family Dylan)-
Heath Ledger
Had some great times in this film, especially the double date scene. His anti-women comments were incredible.

3. Woody Guthrie (Child Dylan)- Marcus Carl Franklin
This kid was a great free spirited character with some great story telling ability.

4. Bill the Kid (Outlaw Dylan)- Richard Gere
Although I enjoyed his presence, it was just too somber to love.

5. Arthur Rimbaud (Poet Dylan)- Ben Whishaw
Nothing to him really, wasn't a developed character.

6. Jude Quinn (Rock 'n Roll Dylan)- Cate Blanchett
I wanted to slap her in the face all the time. This part was so well written but every time she opened her mouth I wanted to shut it. Watching Dylan in real clips and then watching her butcher it was not that sweet.

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Andy McKenzie said...

are you going to be changing your picture every day?

and i'm not surprised about ledger, i get the feeling that he's going to be doing a lot of anti-women stuff post-brokeback.