Friday, December 5, 2008

Fantasy Survivor Week 11

So the kid's team is finally coming around with Bob's two victories this week. It will most likely be too little too late with Mags's huge lead, but it feels good anyway. This week these idiots needed to get Matty out of there. There is no reason to get rid of Corrine, she hasn't come close to winning any competition yet. Their thought process is still based on alliance (we need to get rid of Bob and Corrine). If you do that you're going to have to turn on each other after. Why not do that now and get rid of the strongest competitor, Matty, while you have a good chance?

1st (540)
Freecell Makes Me Wanna
Matty: 11
Sugar: 23
Total = 34

2nd (371)

The Renegades

Bob: 47
Crystal: 23
Total = 70

3rd (343)

Renaissance O & F Surgery

Corrine: -16
Susie: 23
Total = 7

4th (338)
Rangers Stars Cowboys Mavericks
Ken: 23
Total = 23


Jaydon said...

i can see larry proposing to a shortie just like matty did. what a homo.

Danny said...

i almost turned it off that was so bad.