Friday, December 5, 2008

Best Christmas Movies 7-5

7.Bad Santa- Do you like fat little kids that like to fix sandwiches? How about drunken criminal Santa Clauses? If you said yes to either one of these things then you will love Bad Santa. Billy Bob Thornton lives his life as Santa at the mall and then breaks into the mall at the end of the season to steal enough money to live off of until next Christmas. Although Billy Bob’s antics as a complete jerk are great, it is the Kid that steals the show. Billy Bob’s “They can’t all be winners,” is a mainstay in my house.

6. Ernest Saves Christmas- This is my favorite Ernest movie (Goes to Jail and Goes to Camp are close second and third). Ernest works as a cab driver in Orlando where he picks up Santa. Santa is there to pass along his duties to some dude who has his own childrens' tv show. Santa runs into a problem convincing the nice guy to take the gig, but eventually it happens. Ernest is there along the way to screw many things up. There are many less “Ya know what I mean?s” than in Goes to Camp, but Ernest’s version of 'Oh Christmas Tree' is unbelievable.

5. Santa Clause 2- This second Santa Clause is even better than the first. Coming out eight years after the original, Tim Allen has been doing a great job as Santa but finds out he needs to have a wife, due to the ‘Mrs. Clause.’ The Tool Man’s son’s principal is a nice lady that he finds attractive and decides this is the woman to become Mrs. Claus. The future Mrs. Claus happens to be Dr. Juliet Burke, so now we know what she was doing before ending up Lost on an island (making toys at the North Pole). What makes it better than the original is what I call the toy story 2 factor. When Santa has to leave to find a wife he puts a fake Santa toy in charge of the workshop. The fake Santa is ridiculously hilarious and propels this movie into the top 5.

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