Monday, December 15, 2008

Fantasy Survivor Championship

So Mags won the Inaugural Bro Out Survivor Fantasy League. My boy Bob from Maine took home the Million Dollar prize for actually winning Survivor. The ending of our league has to change a bit. Maybe extra points for votes you get at the end. We'll see what tweaks we make for the spring edition of Fantasy Survivor.

1st (676)
Freecell Makes Me Wanna
W12, W13, W14
Matty: 31, -8, 0
Sugar: 31, 36
Total = 90

2nd (522)

The Renegades

W12, W13, W14
Bob: 47, 28, 41
Total = 116

3rd (449)

Renaissance O & F Surgery

W12, W13, W14
Susie: 27, 52
Total = 79

4th (349)
Rangers Stars Cowboys Mavericks
W12, W13, W14
Ken: -16
Total = -16

1 comment:

Jaydon said...

when corrine said that shit about sugar's dead father i flashbacked to big brother and the "thats why your dad hung himself" comment. congrats bob, if susie won i would never watch the show again.