Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Step Brothers and Will Ferrell

I went into Step Brothers half expecting greatness and half expecting to be disappointed...I believe this movie fulfilled my expectations. Although I have said time and time again, "I can never get a good judgement on a film when I'm in the theatre," I am going to make my comments anyway. Don't get me wrong, there were numerous parts filled with hilarity in Step Brothers. The characters Ferrell and John C. Reilly portray are ridiculously funny. For me Adam McKay (writer/director) and Ferrell let too much of Judd Apatow (producer) sink into this film. Apatow brings to Step Brothers, his regular dirty and disgusting humor that you saw in superbad and knocked up, and I could have done without it. Upon second and third and fourth viewings, my opinions are bound to change, but for now I thought it was very funny, but could have been realed more carefully and become a better product.

On a side note, Grif from Boy Meets World (Adam Scott, but not the golfer) put forth a tremendous performance as Will Ferrell's jerk of a brother.

Also a few of my most memorable moments/quotes...
-Brennan (Ferrell) dressed as a Nazi, mowing the lawn "I have plenty of fertilizer." Followed by Dale (Reilly) across the street in a KKK outfit.
-Brennan and Dale find out they have a lot in common; Brennan- "You wanna go do karate in the basement?" Dale- "Yup!"
-After already mentioning how setting their beds up into bunk beds will give them so much room for activities, Brennan feels it necessary to exclaim again and again about how many activities they will be enjoying in the newly open space of the bedroom.

Now to my next order of business...immediately following the movie everyone I was with (JJ, T-time, Bonzey, Braids, JTB, and the Neon Kid) started talking about where Step Brothers fit in order of best Will Ferrell movies. I, being the pessimist that I am, threw it much lower on the list than JJ and Braids who had it at 1 or 2. I think I said six or something...Now I will take the time to look over his movies and put them in order with this newest addition.

Also take into account that I have only seen Step Brothers once and Semi-Pro twice. I have ten movies in which Ferrell is the main character or tied for main character (Step Brothers, Night at the Roxbury). I didn't count Old School or Zoolander, which I believe he is the third main actor in both.

I've also been reminded by T-time that there is a major difference in favorite Will Ferrell movies and favorite Will Ferrell characters, for example although Buddy the Elf is probably my favorite character, the movie itself isn't as funny as some of the others, and I fail to realize this when I normally rank Elf near the top of the list. The character of Buddy is always on my brain when I think of Elf, that is the problem.

Anyway here we go...

10. Stranger Than Fiction
9. Bewitched
8. Blades of Glory
7. Kicking and Screaming
6. Elf
5. Step Brothers
4. A Night at the Roxbury
3. Semi-Pro
2. Anchorman
1. Talladegan Nights

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