Thursday, August 28, 2008

CW Mondays

The CW is really the only network showing prime time teen soaps right now. A genre made loved by many with Beverly Hills, 90210 in the 90s and again with The O.C. in the mid 2000s is being held alive by One Tree Hill and Gossip Girl. This year, the new 90210 and Privileged will make it four currently on the air. Gossip Girl and One Tree Hill will begin this Monday at 8 and 9 respectively.

Gossip Girl enters its second season, after being one of the most buzzed about shows of last year. First off, it is no 90210 or OC but it is definitely worthy of a watch. The drama is great, although sometimes the material is a little bit too ridiculous for my taste. Blake Lively is really cute as Serena but most of the characters on the show I could take or leave, mostly leave. I do enjoy the bad boy/rich snob, Chuck Bass.

Best Character
Chuck Bass (above)

Worst Character
Jenny Humphrey

One Tree Hill enters its sixth season, but I'm sad to say I am only half way through season two on the dvd set. If this show continues to improve as most shows do, I would say that it has to be much better than Gossip Girl. In most shows, as you might have noticed from my post "Top 50 TV Characters," I don't usually like female characters. In One Tree Hill I thoroughly enjoyed Haley in season one, and love Brooke in season two. Now don't get me wrong the two main characters, Lucas and Nathan Scott are very decent guy characters. There's something about Lucas that makes him seem very real as a dude. He's somebody that I would hang out with if I lived in Tree Hill, NC. That's something I couldn't say about The OC's Seth and Ryan. Also a show that is essentially centered around basketball has to be a plus for a sports fan.

Best Character
Lucas Scott (above)

Worst Character
Peyton Sawyer

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