Wednesday, August 27, 2008

CW Fall Preview

With the start of the fall television season right around the corner it is time for me to start getting after it. Whether it's Heroes, The Office, Grey's, 30 Rock or House anybody reading this should be pumped for 2008 tv. I'm going to start previewing the CW because their shows start earlier than the other major networks.

Last year I didn't watch any shows on the CW and then I caught up on the first season of Gossip Girl over the summer. I'm gonna start three new shows this fall and see which ones will stick. Also I'm still catching up on One Tree Hill (middle of season 2, season 6 starts September 1).

Interest Level: (6= Will definitely watch this show sometime.....1= would never watch this show)

8:00 Gossip Girl- Season 2: Currently watching (Starts Sept. 1)
9:00 One Tree Hill- Season 6: On season 2 (Starts Sept. 1)

8:00 90210- New: Starting to watch (Starts Sept. 2)
9:00 Priveleged- New: Starting to watch (Starts Sept. 9)

8:00 America's Next Top Model- Season 11: Interest Level= 1 (Starts Sept. 3)
9:00 Stylista- New: Interest Level= 1 (Starts Oct. 22)

8:00 Smallville- Season 8: Interest Level= 5 (Starts Sept. 18)
9:00 Supernatural- Season 4: Interest Level= 3 (Starts Sept. 18)

8:00 Everybody Hates Chris- Season 4: Interest Level= 4 (Starts Oct. 3)
8:30 The Game- Season 3: Interest Level= 3 (Starts Oct. 3)

7:00 In Harm's Way- New: Interest Level= 3 (Starts Sept. 21)
8:00 Valentine- New: Starting to watch (Starts Sept. 21)
9:00 Easy Money- New: Interest Level= 2 (Starts Sept. 21)

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