Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Universal Region

Today we'll look at the Universal Region.

1. Tower of Terror- Hollywood Studios
16. Rhino Rally- Busch Gardens Africa
8. Terminator 2: 3D- Universal Studios
9. Dinosaur- Animal Kingdom
5. Aladdin Stage Show- California Adventure
12. Phoenix- Busch Gardens Africa
4. Apollo's Chariot- Busch Gardens Europe
13. Big Bad Wolf- Busch Gardens Europe
3. Festival of the Lion King- Animal Kingdom
14. Corkscrew Hill- Busch Gardens Europe
6. Kumba- Busch Gardens Africa
11. Lights, Motors, Action- Hollywood Studios
7. Thunder Mountain- Magic Kingdom
10. Spaceship Earth- Epcot
2. Griffon- Busch Gardens Europe
15. Star Tours- Hollywood Studios

Surprisingly, there were hardly any upsets in this bracket. My favorite matchup was in the regional semi-final where the fantastic Lion King stage show inched by the 90 drop roller coaster, Griffon. The Tower of Terror breezed through the region where its toughest competition might have been in the second round against the fast motion moving Dinosaur ride.

Full bracket is here...


Andy McKenzie said...

I wonder if these results would have been different if you had done the rankings blind, without knowing the magazine's rankings.

Danny said...

they wouldn't...i don't take anyone else's view into account