Thursday, April 24, 2008

Six Flags Region

The final region of the theme park attraction tourny...

1. Adventures of Spider Man- Islands of Adventure
16. Enchanted Tiki Room- Magic Kingdom
8. Men In Black Alien Attack- Universal Studios
9. Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin- Magic Kingdom
5. Jurassic River Adventure- Islands of Adventure
12. E.T.- Universal Studios
4. Popeye & Bluto's- Islands Of Adventure
13. Carousel of Progress- Hollywood Studios
3. Mickey's PhilharMagic- Magic Kingdom
14. Disaster!- Universal Studios
6. California Sreamin'- California Adventure
11. Poseidon's Adventure- Islands of Adventure
7. Space Mountain- Magic Kingdom
10. Cat in the Hat- Islands of Adventure
2. Alpengeist- Busch Gardens Europe
15. Jungle Cruise- Magic Kingdom

The six flags region had the best first round matchup with Buzz Lightyear and Men In Black facing off. They are the only two of this type of ride that I know of but Buzz Lightyear gets the edge and ends up losing to perennial favorite Spider Man. It was pretty sad that Jurassic River made it to the semi final but it had two extremely challenges in ET and Carousel of Progress. Space Mountain had a nice upset over Alpengeist, but I do not see how Alpengeist got such a high rating from TPI when they had Griffon much lower.

Full bracket is here...

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