Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Wire?

It was some time during last year when a couple of tv lovers, Lochness and Linus told me they had started watching 'the wire.' They said that it was really tough to get through and they never ended up finishing the first season. Now as a guy who loves television and prides himself in the fact that I can watch ep upon ep, I didn't think when I started 'the wire' anything of the sort would happen to me. Because 'the wire' is always touted as one of the best shows in recent tv past, and it is only ten or twelve episodes long, I was surprised that the exact same thing has begun to happen to me. I watched the first four episodes off and on over a two week period, but that was back in june. I have since not watched a single episode and instead watched the entire second season of rome and numerous movies. I will, at some point finish the first season of the wire, but at this point I'm not really looking forward to it.

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Ed said...

Yikes... meant to post this here first.

Hi there danny. i feel you on the first season... it is a bit slow going but there's a purpose to it all, with character and story development and such. and a fantastic payoff is on the horizon for the second season; the third's season is better and the fourth season is simply the best season of tv EVER. the middle three seasons are, if you'll pardon the pretentiousness, art. seasons 1 and 5 are merely good tv. hang in there.

ed moye