Saturday, July 19, 2008

Decathalon Results

The greatest decathalon of all time was completed last weekend...


1. Ping-pong
2. Penalty kicks
3. 3-point shootout
4. 300 meter race
5. Swimming
6. Mini-golf
7. Football patterns
8. Whiffle ball home run derby
9. Bocce
10. Obstacle course


1. Danny
2. JJ
3. Bonsey
4. Brady
5. T-time

1 comment:

Ed said...

Hi there danny. i feel you on the first season... it is a bit slow going but there's a purpose to it all, with character and story development and such. and a fantastic payoff is on the horizon for the second season; the third's season is better and the fourth season is simply the best season of tv EVER. the middle three seasons are, if you'll pardon the pretentiousness, art. seasons 1 and 5 are merely good tv. hang in there.

ed moye