Friday, January 4, 2008

Walk Hard

Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story is a complete spoof on music biopics, specifically Walk the Line and Ray. John C. Reilly does a tremendous job at taking on the persona of many great musicians, while making me laugh every step of the way. My favorite aspect of this film was how the characters so blatantly mentioned ages and names. For example when Dewey is talking to the Beatles he refers to all of them by full names "What did you think, George Harrison of the Beatles?" Or when Dewey is setting out on his movie career and mentions that he is 14 years old three or four times.

Also, after recently watching I'm Not There and No Direction Home, the 15 minute section where Dewey personifies Bod Dylan was so much funnier because these other two films were in my mind.

On a side note, I love seeing actors from The Office in other movies. For example, Pam (Jenna Fisher) plays the leading lady in Walk Hard, while Andy (Ed Helms) and Darryl (Craig Robinson) have small but funny parts.


Andy McKenzie said...

i think the only good actors on the office are:

a) steve carrell
b) the chick who plays angela
c) jenna fischer
d) the main black storage guy who was hooking up with kelly for a little bit

every one else (yes, i'm looking at you, john krazinski (however the fuck you spell it)) is a product of the writers and the environment.

Danny said...

i don't think steve carell is that good. i haven't loved him in anything but the office. i kind of liked him in anchorman, but disliked him in most everything else.