Sunday, January 6, 2008

American Gladiators

I'm so glad primetime tv is back in action. I got started on Friday with the return of Friday Night Lights and Las Vegas. For all of the great critical reviews FNL gets I am surprised at how much the writing is similar to Las Vegas. And by that I mean, not good. The situation with the neighbor football team sharing facilities with the Panthers mad ridiculous situations that would never occur.

On to the main event. American Gladiators is back. I love the new gladiators and some of the new events, but what I could do without is the tremendous amount of lame talking between, Hulk, Leila and the contestants. The only good commentary during the show are the weird comments by the gladiators. The eliminator would be so much fun to do. It continues tomorrow night so we'll see if it gets better or worse.

Favorite Male Gladiators after first episode

1. Justice (right)
2. Titan
3. Wolf
4. Mayhem
5. Militia
6. Toa

Favorite Female Gladiators

1. Crush (right)
2. Fury
3. Siren
4. Venom
5. Stealth
6. Hellga

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Andy McKenzie said...

how can you put wolf #3?