Friday, October 19, 2007

Commercials/Power Rankings

DVR has really made me hate commercials. Before being introduced to DVR on a regular basis I would not love, but could stand the few minutes of commercials during shows. But after watching episodes for 41 to 43 straight minutes it has become seemingly impossible to sit through commercials. I most of the time start 9 PM shows at 9:20 to get past these excruciating events.

10/20 Power Rankings

1. Heroes (1)
It was strange that Heroes could go an entire ep without a single piece of Hiro or Peter. What was even more weird was that I didn't even realize it until the end of the show. I am interested in the twists and turns of every plot line, even the one involving Micah this season.

2. Lost (2)

3. Las Vegas (4)
Cooper is coming into his own. This ep showed how mysterious he is and that he can definitely compete with Ed as the man in charge. The Danny and Mike interactions were spot on as always. Delinda is getting so weird, which I don't like.

4. The Office (3)
For some reason I am falling into a bit of a rut with The Office lately. I didn't think this episode was that great. Other than Dwight being ridiculous at his farm, Michael carried the ep. The past two episodes there has not been enough power from the minor characters.

5. Grey's Anatomy (7)
It keeps getting better and better for me. Maybe what makes a show good is that you have to hate half of the characters and love half of them. Because I hate George, Yang, Izzie, Meredith and Callie, but I love Sloan, Derek, Karev, Chief and Bailey.

6. 30 Rock (5)
Down ep for Jack but Tracy was solid. My favorite was "I'm back from whatever Liz Lemon said I was doing." I'm happy Tina Fey realized nobody liked Pete that much because he's really been written out of the show. Now if we could only get some more Frank time we'd be perfect.

7. Friday Night Lights (8)
This moves up for now but from what I saw on scenes for next week it probably won't stay here long. The Landry murder story looks to be coming back into the picture. That is easily the worst thing this show has done to this point. But tonight's episode was great with the Seracen/Smash conflict, Riggins being a drunk and most importantly the Landry/Tyra action.

8. 24 (6)

9. Entourage (9)

10. House (10)

11. Curb Your Enthusiasm (12)

12. Back To You (13)
Chuck Darling is slowly becoming one of my favorite television characters. The way he enjoys his own jokes so much is incredible.

13. Journeyman (11)
Although this is still quality, it is beginning to be too predictable to be a 'great' show.

14. American Idol (14)

15. Chuck (18)
Continuing to climb the charts. The way this show takes events that are so serious and turns them into a joke is so heart warming and joyful. I love the wedge being stuck between Chuck and Sarah by having Chuck's least favorite person ever be Sarah's ex-bf.

16. Family Guy (17)

17. Rules of Engagement (15)

18. Desperate Housewives (20)

19. Dirty, Sexy, Money (-)
This new show on ABC is starting to grow on me. What I feel makes this show better than what I call its CBS counterpart, Cane, is that I already feel for the characters. For me that is the key. If you can get me to feel for most of the characters, especially in an ensemble cast show, you will do alright. Whereas in Cane I didn't care at all when Alex's kid got engaged and the mom was sad about it, in DSM, I truly felt bad for Juliet when she found out Jeremy was going out with her nemesis.

20. My Name Is Earl (16)
I thought this week's ep was just bad. I had a tough time getting through it. Hopefully next week's will be better so it doesn't drop out.

Performers of the Week

1. Michael Scott- The Office (13 total)
2. Chuck Darling- Back To You (14 total)
3. Alex Karev- Grey's Anatomy (18 total)
4. Danny McCoy- Las Vegas (26 total)
5. Tyra Collette- Friday Night Lights (6 total)
6. Derek Shephard- Grey's Anatomy (5 total)
7. Dwight Shrute- The Office (21 total)
8. Tracy Jordan- 30 Rock (11 total)
9. Mike Cannon- Las Vegas (13 total)
10. Dan Vasser- Journeyman (1 total)


Andy McKenzie said...

i agree with you about the office recently. while i love the hour long episodes as a viewer that will watch anything, i'm lukewarm as to whether or not it's actually good for the show. i think the show is best as situationally funny, with a couple of situations each 30 minute episodes. or i could be just over saturated with so many of the characters because "cool" to Michael and Dwight's "strange."

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